The price of the tattoos

There are no regular prices for tattoos, each one is in different size, needs different time to be done, different amount of ink, needle and other supplies, and they can be complicated too.

A greyscale shaded picture may take bigger place, but needs not much conture, and shading is quite fast. However a tattoo with the same size, but different style (for example: maori) contains a lot of lines, each regular, paralell, symmetric, full black fillings, so the whole tattoo needs much more time, concentration, the the price is not the same neither.

If you want a portrait, a hyperrealistic tattoo, that may take quite less time than you think, but in that case you have to pay for the knowledge of the tattoo artist, because she came through a long way of learning to provide you a perfect copy of a photo on your skin, and not many are able to do that the way you want. 

In general, the smaller tattoos are a bit more expensive than the bigger ones, because they need the same preparation, mostly the same amount of needle, sometimes the designing and the preparation take more time than the tattooing itself, but that's work as well. The bigger the tattoo you choose, the less money it needs compared to its size and need of time. 

People who come back quite often get some discount, but if they come way too often, we finish some big work like a full arm tattoo, they become VIP members and get more discounts  a VIP T-shirt.

Prices of cosmetic tattoos

To know more about techniques, read the Cosmetic tattoo menu!

Shaded eyebrow + design

Desinging the shape and simply filling it

25 000 Ft

Soft Powder technique + design

Filling without sharp contour

26 000 Ft

Microblading + design

Natural look with dividual eyebrow threads

28 000 Ft

3D technique + design

Combination of shading and microblading

32 000 Ft

Felső szemhéj vékony kontúr

Vékony tusvonal a szempillák tövében

14 000 Ft

Felső szemhéj vastag kontúr 

Jellegzetesebb, 1-2 mm vastag kontúrvonal 

17 000 Ft

Felső szemhéj extra vastag, formázott

2 mm-nél vastagabb tusvonal / forma (pl cicaszem)

22 000 Ft

Felső szemhéj füstös szem hatás

Füstös szemfesték (fekete vagy színes)

25 000 Ft

Alsó szemhéj

Csak az alsó szemhéj tetoválása (végig vagy 3/4-ig)

12 000 Ft

Alsó+felső szemhéj

Alsó és felső szemhéj tetoválása együtt

   felső ára +        6 000 Ft


Szájkontúr húzása alsó-felső ajkakon

26 000 Ft

Szájkontúr félsatírral

Szájkontúr húzása és enyhe átmenet az ajkak felé

30 000 Ft

Szájkontúr teljes satírral

Szájkontúr húzása és teljes színezés az ajkakon

35 000 Ft

3D szájsatír

Kontúr, és színátmenetes satír, befelé halványodó

40 000 Ft