Infinite Ink Tattoo



The tattoo shop is located in the Main Street of Budakeszi. It's waiting for people who want to find a plain-reliable place for getting a quality tattoo since 2017.

The leader and the only tattoo artist is Mary. She works at many fields of tattooing, such as realistic, portrait, trash polka, texts, mini tattoos, maori, color tattoos. In linework, dotwork, blackwork it depends on the picture. She does a great work with the needle, so you can get the best she can if you want body-, cosmetic or aesthetic tattoo, but only when it needs the tattoo machine. Otherwise she's not your choice: there are NO piercing oppurtiniy unfortunately. 

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Mary, the owner and the tattoo artist is approved by the Hungarian Tattoo Association. You get warrantee for every single tattoo made by her, so you can come back within 1-3 months after your tattoo is made for correction, if neccesary. Of course it's free.


The easiest way is when you bring a picture of the picture you want (or send us). If you want some modification (such as changing some objects, colors, adding a text) no problem, it's easy to be done.

If the tattoo you want needs some serious design, you have to think about it in time, because it really does need it. If there are fix pictures you want to use, that really is a help (if you have a picture that has a backgground you like, and an other which has a nice character you would see on your plan, and a third one that contains the colors you imagined). So if you have an idea in mind with photo references, we can do a montage working together with you. If the plan needs full drawing by your mind, then you have to find someone else to make it real, because we don't have time for doing that, there are a lot of work people want to see on themselves.


If you want a tattoo, you are at least 16, but under 18, we need the written consent of both of your parents. You can download the statement below, and bring it filled at the appointment of your tattoo, otherwise your tattoo cannot be done.


With the routine of using the tattoo machine, and the love of beauty, cosmetic tattoo services are available since 2016. First we used official permanent tattoo machine and ink, but there were not quite good experiences with the permanence and color changing. So now we use the same machine, the same ink base, so it can be almost as durable as your other tattoos, (though your face is the one surface of your skin, which gets the most UV, so this affects durability)

The most cometic tattoo requests are eyebrow and eyeline tattoos. We believe that the construct of the skin in lips are so different, that we can't guarantee perfect, long lasting solution, and don't want to steal your money.  If you want eyebrow tattoo, you better consultate about which teqhniques are right for you. We design the shape of the eyebrow, trying to make balance and symmetry from our hidden non-simmetry faces, using your request, and great anaesthetic products during the procedure. 

We stop during the procedure more times for you to check the actual look, so we won't go over the limits. The tattoo you get will be more darker than the one we discussed, and it will get even darker after 1-2 days, but no worries, after it healed (1 week) you can see the actual pigments left in your skin, and within 1-2 months, it will also change a bit.


As always, we want to grant you the best services available. That's why we choosed the Studex 75 System, the biggest ear piercing system of the world.

All jewelry of this system meets the standard regulation of FDA and EC, and has the licence of the hungarian KERMI Tüv Süd. They are 100% hypoallergenic, so people with sensitive skin can also use them.

The specialty of this system are the sterile cartridges which contains the earrings. They are opened just before using them, and connected to the piercing machine without even touching them, so hygiene is guaranteed. The piercing itself has no noise (no shooting) and is the most painless solution, so is a perfect choice for children.

You can choose among hundreds of earrings. If you choose one out of stock, we order them so can be used with 3 days deliver time. You can also buy aftercare solution in the tattoo studio.